Marking Period 3 (last updated 8:00 pm March 26th

Thursday April 9

2 New Extra Credit Assignments: Please go to library links -> clever and click on NewsElA 

1) Sanders ends his presidential bid

2) Human connection bolsters immune system; that's why it's important to be kind

Friday  April 3

2 Extra Credit Assignments: Please go to library links -> clever and click on NewsElA 

1) Coronavirus closes South Korea schools - learn how students were impacted by the closing. 

2) Sports star - Stephen Curry interviews virus expert -  what might been reason why this Pro Basketball Star. did an online interview with Dr. Fauci 

Tuesday - March 31st

Two new assignments will be posted today. It will be choice between these two readings. The questions will posted later

1)Read or Listen to this news story:  Amazon, Instacart Grocery Delivery Workers Demand Coronavirus Protection And Pay and then go here to answer the online questions


2)  Cybersecurity Lawyer Who Flagged The WHO Hack Warns Of 'Massive' Remote Work Risks

Monday - March 30th. 

A new type of assignment - Newsela - click here for story about Stigma and the Virus - questions are included with the assignment (#10) 

Friday - March 27th

no new assignments assignments - catch up 

Thursday March 26th 

 A very short assignment - a four question survey about online tools and 2 questions about current events (CNN10, news clip) click here to take it.   (#9) (also let me know if you see any mistakes, its been busy day. Scores and Grades  will be updated soon, hopefully tomorrow or Saturday

Wednesday March 25th  - Assignments for Today

 Assignment: Documents B and C  for the DBQ How Should the US Reduce Economic Inequality? (#8) 

March 24th   - 1) Class Participation Assignment:  Current Events  Only 9 Questions with Documents (Videos and Images )   (#7 ) 

March 23rd  Monday  1) Class Participation Assignment - Online - Review of Political Cartoons for Week of March 22 (5 cartoons) - click here   (# 6 )

2) Class work - Do it online here  Inequality DBQ assignment Part II. (click here)  (#5) 

March 20 - Friday   1)  class participation a / Income Inequality DBQ Part 1   - online version - submit answers online  (# 4)

March 19 - Thursday -

  1)   Medieval or Modern Strategy for Virus ,  Q and A on Medieval or Modern or or the Online Medieval Reading / and Answers - click here (# 3 )

2)   Current Events Review - Video Clips with Questions  (# 2 )

March 18 - Wednesday 

   1)  1st onlline assignment - Survey about Class Communication and Cronovirus.   Update:  (as of March 53 responses) on  Thursday, March 19th  7:30 am  25 responses (as of March 23   have been received on 1st assignment. I will be posting the results during the day on Thursday. 


Tuesday - March 3

 1) Chapter 8 Democrats and Republicsn Q and A sheet risis  Q and A sheet

2) Syria Questions – Q and A sheet.

Monday - March 2

1)  Reading Chp 8 -  Structure and Evolution of Political Parties.   Q and A sheet Chp 8.2

2) Current Events Video - Summary Sheet - see video links from blog

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