Societal Categories with terms

  1.2B   Choose one of the following societal categories:   Crime, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, Jobs and Economic Development, or Poverty. 

Key Terms to search for:

Crime - 

- consider what type of crime , age of offenders, 

- causes of crime

- solutions to limiting , decreasing crime, 

- some other words: arrests, criminal, youth crime, youthful offender, bail, jail,  domestic violence, street violence, white collar crime (corruption) , bribes.


          - Sub Categories: elementary, high school, public school vs charter

          - college, admissions, race gender

          - Equity, Justice, fairness, discrimination, discipline, teacher quality, standards, race, gender 

Environment:-Global Issues: water scarcity, global warming, climate change,  sustainability, environmental justice, organize, pesticides, insectides, cancer causing, 

        - Global and Local Issues:   pollution, plastics, drinking water, clean water, deforestation, flooding,  industrial pollution, chemicals, lead, pcbs, 

        - Local Issues:   environmental justice, algae blooms, drinking water, clean water,  pollution, plastics, chemicals, lead, pcbs, 

Health:     Cancer, obesity, asthma, health care, drug addiction, hospital care, availability of doctors, dentists, flu , vaccines, 

Housing:  Affordable housing, housing discrimination, busing, bus routes, transportation, snow filled sidewalks, lead poisoning, house safety, section eight,  clean streets, food deserts,  security deposits, evictions, landlords, tenants, mortgage, redlining

Jobs and Economic Development :Minimum wage, job training, pilot zones, economic development zones, tax breaks, minority hiring, unions, unemployment insurance, economic growth, economic incentives

Poverty :Low income, job skills, crime (link to poverty) , food deserts, transportation issues, health care, minimum wage, child care, education programs, 

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