Players vs Stakeholders

Review the textbook (Chapter 1 ) 

Example : Education

  1. Step 1 Choose one of the policies you described in Exercise 1.2B or C and restate it below.  Which policy did you choose?  

  1. Step 2. Identify three different and distinct players that directly influence the policy. The player must be an individual and does not have to be mentioned in the article you used. Write a one sentence justification explaining what makes each of them a player.

For example if you are doing eduction - public schools -  a player that could influence a policy like improving graduation rates could be high school principal, an elected school board member, a state politician, a member of the PTA (not for profit group), teacher unions, 

If you are doing college admissions or affordability - a player could be the college president, college faculty, politicians, like a governor , Board of Regents, etc. 

  1. B. For the policy you stated in 1.3B immediately above, identify two different and distinct stakeholders - again review the book, but generally stakeholders don’t have the power to influence policy,

  1. For public education - stakeholders could be : teachers, parents, taxpayers, students, businesses (people who hire high school graduates), urban parents vs suburban parents, (you could even breakout gender / or race ) 
  2. For colleges :  college students, parents, taxpayers, faculty members (teachers),  etc…
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