Module 1 Quick List

Module 1 checklist with helpful links.


1)      Skills Win                                                                                     

2)     Exercise 1.1: Societal Problem and Societal Categories       

-        1.1A  Define the term “societal problem

-        1.2B   Choose one of the following societal categories:   Crime, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, Jobs and Economic Development, or Poverty.  Use only Newspaper Articles!!  (Click here for key words, search terms) 

-        Describe/ summarize how it fits your category / citation / quote.   

3)     Exercise 1.2:  Identifying Public Policy SAME SOCIETAL CATEGORY – can use different newspaper article.

-        1.2A  Define the term “public policy” by quoting a full sentence directly from the textbook   

-        1.2B Identify a legislative, administrative, and judicial action that relates to some aspect of your societal category. Can be different newspaper articles.

o   Describe and cite a legislative action (proposed or passed laws):           

o   Describe and cite an administrative action (executive branch, such as mayor, police, fire) :

o   Describe and cite a judicial action (courts, judge, lawyers, lawsuits) :          

-        1.2 C Identify national, state, and local public policy that affects your societal category. (cite the source (using any print or electronic newspaper) of a.

o   Describe and cite a national (federal) public policy:  Use the organization chart to add some key words to your search - click here for chart

o   Describe and cite a state public policy (indicate which state):

o   Describe and cite a local public policy (indicate which local government): Exercise

4)     Exercise  1.3  Identifying Players and Stakeholders - 

-        1.3A in your words, and in no more than one sentence, state the major difference between a player and a stakeholder.

-        1.3B Choose one of the policies you described in Exercise 1.2B or C - Identify 3 Players

-        1.3C Identify Stakeholders

5)     Exercise 1.4: Identifying Types of Players

-     I. 4A Identify a 501c3 or 501c4 organization that seeks to influence governmental policy on your societal category and identify a player within the organization.

-      1.4B Identify a 501c3 or 501c4 organization that primarily provides direct assistance for the societal category you have chosen and identify a player within the organization. You may want to contact this player later in the course. No source is needed for this exercise. (4 points)

-      1.4C  Identify a governmental department (administrative) office at either the federal, state, or local level that has a clear role in the societal category you are studying, and identify a player within the department.

-        I.4D   Identify an elected federal, state, or local government official other than the Chief Executive (e.g., President, Governor, or Mayor) who is a player in the societal category you are studying.

6)     Exercise 1.5: References

-        Prepare a list of references that includes all sources for this module. Reminder to use only articles dated back no more than 6 months ago, unless otherwise stated in the exercise directions.

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