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Remember 4 things do - student climate survey, EPA/ climate change essay, Community Service essay and Research Paper 

Friday  - January 20th 

Inauguration Day ! 

The Peaceful Transfer of Power - it some countries this does not occur often. Think of Syria, Iraq, and other countries across the world. .  In the United States -  The majority may have won - Donald Trump now President , but they must respect the rights of the minority (American Democracy)

Thursday, January 19th 

Barak Obama’s last day as President

Weds,  January 18th

I. Four  critical items

    A.  Student Survey ! - click on this link to take the Student Survey

      B.   Complete your Community Service Reflection - click here  Log of Hours , Questions/ Template / Writing Guide  aneed community click here for updated opportunities. 

     B.    Arguementative Essay - with links to info. 

     C.   Research Paper  Checklist 

II.- If you can help a neighbor  with these assignments lets get everyone passing  !

III.  Click here to  email your typed essays for extra credit  

Tuesday  January 17th 

 1)  Research Paper - you should be up to at least 350 words.  Please turn a draft of the progress you make today. Also be sure you are saving it on the Z drive or Google Docs, so you can easily make revisions. 

2)  Print out the key quotes from one of your key or best  source. Or copy and paste the key quotes from the article and  print it out along with the link. 

 3)  If you have completed your ‘writing of the research paper”, no take your list of sources and create a Bibliography in Noodle Tools. 

4)  Complete your Community Service Reflection - using this template to help you write your .   Template for Writing up Community Service - summarizing what you did - click here

 4a) (if you are still trying to complete community service - there are two new opportunites : totalling Onondaga Lake Surveys, and( helping to set up Brook Trout / Tropical Fish/ and Salt water Aquariums. )

Monday - January 16th.  Martin Luther King Day

Dr. King bravely and Peacefully fought against racial discrimination and was known as a powerful orator.  One of his many  famous quotes

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”   (source: Alexa and 

I have Dream Speech

Mountain Top Speech  (vimeo / youtube )

Letter from Biringhanm Jail and actual text / video

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Friday January 13,   2013   -  in library. 

January 13th - Research Paper Outline due. -see checkpoint.  350 words. or if written use highlighter to show evidence, claims, counter claims. 

President Obama’s Farewell Address  text and video    / summary - quick 7 moments that stood out in his speech. 

Mayor Minor’s Farewell Address - declaring Syracuse a Sanctuary City - highlighting concerns about Federal Gov and Immigrants. 

City of Syracuse - At civilian police academy in Syracuse, both sides get better understanding of each other



Trying to pick a  Topic? / Issue to research go here:

List of Topics with claim / counter claim ideas, and possible resources to use.

another list of topics -Click here for a  List of Issues to Research 

Weds - January 4th - Picking a topic  for Research Project

Research Paper Description and Requirements click here to download

Click here for a  List of Issues to Research 

How to be News Savvy . click for a list of suggestions. 

Assignmnent - by the end of the class, write a quick list of what issues you reviewed or are thinking of choosing, websites , articles reviewed. You can write / type the list in word and print it out. 

Tuesday -  January 3

 - How to spot fake news? How to know quality reporting? Why is it important we are able to tell the difference between fake news and quality news reporting? 

Articles to Read and Answer Questions

1) History of Fake News and Reality TV and Trump /  Q and A (due end of class, no later than Jan 4.

2)A Savvy News Consumer’s Guide: How Not To Get Duped Q and A  - due January 6. 

Weds - Dec 21

Reading on Supreme Court Case - Free Speech in Schools / Q and A form.

Argumentative Essay - Due Today - otherwise 20 points of each day late.

Complete mini-dbq on Free Speech- see yesterday.

Tuesday Dec 20

Topic: Online Speech - is it protected? even in Schools

 Document : Should Shools be allowed to limit online speech?  Q and A form

Monday Dec 19th

Arguementative Essay is Due Today !

- Complete Arguementative Essay regarding EPA pick - hand in draft by end of class. Final copy due by end of day - Monday.   (word doc  /  Outline  pdf / Rubric

- don’t forget past due assignments -  Standing Rock text coding and Native American Views and Women Voting

By The end of the week   complete and write reflection on Community Service.  Today - Template for Writing up Community Service - summarizing what you did - click here

2) Arguementive Essay regarding Trump’s EPA pick. (word doc  /  Outline  pdf / Rubric

3)  Taking Action  - Writing Congress

         - Write your Senator - Letter via Food / Water Watch ; 

         -  Physicians for Social Responsibilty -  Letter Suggestions

Climate Change Controversy - 

Scott Pruitt - EPA Nominee - CNN Video Climate Change - 10 best videos

 Doc 2  . - Reading  on Scott Pruitt Text Code / Doc 2 - Questions 

Doc 1 - Reading on Paris Climate Accord  / Questions on Climate Accord


Assignments and Due Dates - >  click here for list of documents for the course

- for latest class updates go to this   Participation in Government Class Blog will include daily assignments, what happened in class

email your survey questions and any other homework assignments  to

Due Date  - Assignment   

Government Class Created Surveys - To see current Staff Survey Responses click here


Assignments Due Last  Week

Questions about Power in your life.  - Due, Monday, October 24

Political Survey Questions , Due Friday, October 28, 2016

Community Service - Proposal Form due  Friday October 28. 

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