Community Service 

Why Communicty Service Matters

 - Why is volunteering important?

- Teen Ink - Why Community Service is important to me.

- NYTimes - Community Servie - When it works 

- Why Schools like Community Service

- from the Article above: 

“  1)  You are able to handle multiple demands on your time—work, family, and community.

   2) You are interested in using the skills and talents you have to improve conditions for others.

   3)  You are reliable, pleasant, and trustworthy enough for an organization besides your employer to bring you into their environment and accept you as a part of their community."

Forms for Community Service

Community-based Volunteer Service Site Proposal teacher approval by:, Oct 20th 2016

Volunteer Project Service Hours (10 hours) completed by:, Dec 23, 2016

Volunteer Project Service Evaluation Report completed by:   January 7, 2016

Volunteer Project Service Evaluation Report REVISIONS completed by: January 15, 2016

Community Service - Volunteer Documents Needed

 - Volunteer Proposal - fill out this form before starting hours

-  List of Volunteer Organizations

- Log of Hours v2

- Vol. Paper Requirements v2  click here for form

-  How paper will be graded - Score 

-  Vol Project Evaluation Form

-  Volunteer Paper Requirements

-  Log of Hours


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