Assignmnets Fall 2016 _2017

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Due Date  - Assignment   

January 13th - Research Paper Outline due. -see checkpoint.  350 words. or if written use highlighter to show evidence, claims, counter claims. 

- President Obama’s Farewell Address  text and video    / summary - quick 7 moments that stood out in his speech. 

- Mayor Minor’s Farewell Address - declaring Syracuse a Sanctuary City - highlighting concerns about Federal Gov and Immigrants. 

- City of Syracuse - At civilian police academy in Syracuse, both sides get better understanding of each other

January  11, 2017 -Text code the following and summarize:  Michelle Obama’s Final Speech,  Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe Speech, and Fake News Takes On A Role In Italy's National Political Debate.

January 10 - Library - writing up research, link for links to news stories, or writing up community service

January 9th - Anaylzing two persuasive speeches, writing down pro con statements for topics. 

Friday January 6th -  Identifying Claim / Counter Claim , sources

 Due today - fill out sheet with topic, claim  / counter claim and 2 resources found. 

To help find opposing view points of the article, go to SCSD library links, then  eresources and here are two suggestions  : 

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center: Critical Thinking (link may not work) if not try this   if the links do not work , to library links, then resources, then search for this link. 

Opposing Viewpoints in Context NOVELNY  (link may not work)   ——  if not try this 

Tuesday - Dec 6

Ley Creek - toxic issues.

Standing Rock text coding

Lake Clean up  / and about Onondaga Lake

Monday - Dec 5th 

- Thanksgiving Address vs. Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem

- Great Law of Peace - Museum

Dec 1 - 

Native American Views and Women Voting

Monday - November 28th

- Reading from the Book - Tribe 

Powerpoint - on Tribe Anticipation Guide

Assignments this week 

Wednesday -  Nov 16. 

Voting totals - how many voted for who? 

Should there be Mandatory Voting - article - Business Insider

Anticipation Guide

11/9/16 - Electoral Map, 7 key items to watch,  Election Results liveuse Citation Summary Sheet

11 /7      3 (documents)   1)  - Clinton Endorsement    2)  Trump Endorsment        3)    - Endorsement Analysis Worksheet

             Extra - Credit - Electoral College Handout (available in class only)

11 /4  - Interview 3-5 people  - complete summary chart  of survey  answers

 11/2    10 -15 Questions  Student created Political Surveys  / grading rubric for survey

10/ 31  -    Types of Survey Questions

10/28  - - Volunteer Reading   /  - use Citation Summary Sheet

10/ 28  -  Community Service - Where Are you doing it ?  Volunteer Proposal 

10/28 -    Onondaga Lake  -  Analyzing a Survey (In Class Assignment) , and Group -  select/create 3-5 questions for class survey

10/ 24 -   “Personal Power Assessment” click for  Questions about Power in your life.  

Future Assignments - not yet assigned

Mandatory Voting Business Insider (future assignment)

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