P.I.G.  - Fall 2017 Assigment List

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January 3rd  Reading

Iranian Protest - Washington Post

Dec 7 -  Part IV - Last Day in Library - For Societal Problem Research

  Building a Powerpoint Presentation 

1) Download the Directions and how to submit powerpoint

2)  Updated Powerpoint Template - download and follow this.

Email - Powerpoint to  ssgates100@gmail.com

Dec 6 - Weds  - Part II in Libarry 

   Building a Powerpoint Presentation

Dec 5  Tuesday - In class 

     - Textcoding and Identifying Societal Problem - news article - Anti-Poverty Groups

Monday Dec 4 - in class 

    Textbook reading assignment - How the Legislature works

Friday Dec 1  -Part II - in  Library  - Societal Problem Research

 Societal Problems in the News - 2nd Newstory and Political Cartoon 

2nd News Story /Societal Problem - click here to download MS Word Document

Finding a Political Cartoon illustrating societal problem - click here to download template

Thurs Nov 30 Part I Library Research    

Societal Problem in the News - Assignment 1

Download this MS Word Template - Research Societal Problem



Nov 30  Researchin in Library 

Nov 29th Katko Tax Cuts  / Anti- Poverty Groups Tax Bill  / NAFTA Concerns / Environmental Racism

                   DIN Review Sheet

Nov 28th  Brainstorming Research Questions

                    STDs in Onondaga County / Drowning in Garbage / Libya Slaves

                    Analysis Sheet for Readings

Nov 27 - Fake News Spreading / Questions

Nov 21 - Fake News in Brief   /  Fake News Analysis

Nov 11 -   Researching Online Newspapers for Societal Problems, Government Action etc. - download this  MS Word Document click here - and type in the information .  For citations - use citationmachine.net  use APA style.

-  October 8 thru 20

 1)  Plastics in Our Drinking Water? 

2)  Evidence inventory 

3) Text Citation , Key Quotes and Summary

4) Who Should Rule  / True False Review Sheet. (10/18 )

5)  Power Struggle Reading  

/ Power Struggle True False Review Sheet

-  October 2 thru Oct 6 Tap Water and Plastics Rubric  

    1) If Your Drinking water in Central New York was suddenly …”

   2)  “Syracuse said Skaneateles Lake pipes were too deep….”

   3)  “Toxic Waters” New York Times Video

   4)  “Plastic Fibers found in Tap water around the World…”?

   5)    Drinking Water- Contamination? Annotated Bibliography

   6)  Sources – how reliable vs fake new analysis of News Sources

   7) Bonus -  Plastics in Water - Don’t Worry - not big deal 

-  Sept 29th Water and Government Rubric

    1) Chapter 1 – Three Essential Components of Public Policy Analysis


   4)  America’s Tap Water - To much contamination 

-  Cellphone Addiction Rubric 

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