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Jan 16th

Democratic Debate - summary Video - Washington Post

Full Debate

Key Assignments Due this week:

1) Reading on Bail Reform Q and A on Bail Reform

2) Bail Reform - facts reading Q and A 

3)  Pro and Con on Current Events

4)  Q and A on Impeachment /

5) Reading on Australian Fires  and Q and A sheet

6)  Reading on the Iran Crisis  ; Q and A sheet

Jan 15th

Bail Reform - facts reading Q and A 

Vox - Bail reform.

January 12th

Video clips - Bail Reform

Is the U.S. bail system fair

What if we ended the injustice of bail

Fair or Dangerous NY Bail Law - NBC News

Assignment: Reading on Bail Reform Q and A on Bail Reform

January 9th

Current Events - Political Cartoons

Impeachment News. CNN Jan 7

Impeachment and Presidential Primaries

How does impeachment work? - Alex Gendler ; 129 days of impeachment: From whistleblower to vote ; Impeachment Status, January 3, 2020

Assiggnment : Q and A on Impeachment /. and Pro and Con on Current Events

2020 Presidential Race - 

VOA - As 2020 begins, US Presidential Election Race Intensifies ; 

The Year 2019: Kicking the 2020 presidential race into high gear | ABC News

Other Updates 

Iran / US Conflict ; Austrialian Fires (As fires devastate Australia, a coal-loving leader faces an early test (Wash Post, Jan 8)

January 8th

Reading on Australian Fires  and Q and A sheet

January 7th

Iran News Update - Vice / Mourning , ABC News Nightline,  BBC News

Australian Fires Update (Jan 6 news)  ; BBC News Summary of Austrialan Fire Issue

January 6th 


Reading on the Iran Crisis  ; Q and A sheet

Video Clips

Iran - U.S. Drone Strike Jan 3 2020, NBC News

Are Iran and U.S. Heading for War?

Qasem Soleimani: Iran rolls back nuclear deal commitments- BBC News

The history of US-Iran relations: A timeline

New York Times. Iran Ends Nuclear Limits as Killing of Iranian General Upends Mideast

Australia Fires

Australia Fires - ABC News 1/4/2020 ; Washingtonpost Details

News Article Link - Washington Post Australian Fires


Dec 19th and 20th

Find at least one current event article about each of your countries. Use the citation sheet to summarize the article; Note Taking / Citation/ Quote Sheet . Then put info on the powerpoint ; use this template

Reminder - GDP DBQ Essay is due. After Friday Dec 20th, your grade will be reduced by 30 points.  GDP document answers click here

Dec 17th 

Current Events Reading on Trade  

Fish Video on Trade (Episode 6) 

Dec 16

Fish Video on Labor (Episode 5)

Apple, Google sued for  child labor

Dec 15th 

Reading on Modern Day Slavery

Dec 11

Links to Sudent Country Projects

November 22 - Country Project

     Click here to download - Powerpoint Template includes Energy Comparison

     EXAMPLE - click here to see student work from last year

Fall 2019 - Student Work example

- click here to go to details for country project


Happiness Score 

- Freedomhouse - What political rights do people have? 

Global Slavery Index

Corruption Index by Country

 1.) Culture Grams Website .    and if login / password  needed use     Login: syrsls  Password: syrsls

2) CIA Factbook Data Sheet   to fill out this form click here: CIA Factbook website 

Week of Oct 28 to Nov 1

Robert Johnson 

The Anti- CEO Playbook - video clip

Ben and Jerry’s / In the Game (Nintendo)

Weds. Oct 23

Review Econ Notes , Code of Conduct, Current Events

Tuesday Oct 22

Review Quiz Sheet, Code of Conduct

Monday Oct 21 

Future Implications of Current Choices

Hong Kong Protests - Update.

Notes - complete ; Basic Economic Theory - Video Clip Links

Basic Economic Theory Note Page ; Powerpoint Notes on Youtube.(PDF Version) 


Friday Oct 17h - Quiz makeup

Thurs Oct 16th

Basic Economic Theory Notes

Weds Oct 15

Tuesday Oct 14 

Basic Economic Theory - Video Clip Links

Basic Economic Theory Note Page 

Powerpoint Notes on Youtube.


Friday -  Quiz / and complete Houston Rockets /China Hong Kong Summary sheet.  ; ms word if you want to type in answers; citation sheet 

Thursday  Oct 10th. -  Library Survey / complete Houston Rockets /China Hong Kong Summary sheet.  ; ms word if you want to type in answers; citation sheet 

Register to Vote 

Weds - NBA Hong Tweet CBS News ;  Write up Individual Political Power Summary 


Tuesday October 8 

Review quiz 1 Review quiz 2

China Protest Explained 1 (Vox)  (June 2019) , China Protests Explaned 2 (Economist) (Aug 2019) 

China / Houston Rockets Reading ; Washington Post - video clip ; NBA under Fire for Response to Hong Kong Tweek

Monday Oct 7    Power Reflection. / Quotes about Power.  

Big Idea - How does the Climate Change Survery connect to people power? How does comparative advantage give you power? What is the opportunity cost of climate change? 


Friday, Oct 4;    Comparative Advantage and Opportunity Cost

Fish 2 Video (Get Shirty )  ; Video Lecture (Opportunity Cost)

Question and Answer Sheet  ; Vocabulary Words

Thur - Oct 3 What is Opportunity Cost? 

Economic Reading - Chapter 2 & Questions 

Weds - Oct 2 -  Library - surveys and review 

1st) enter a completed Climate Change survey from another person (handed on in class) click on link to record data

2nd ) Castle Learning Review , if this link does not work go to library links at SCSD and click clever; then Castle Learning. 

3rd) Learn about School tools. 

Tuesday - Oct 1 Journal Prompt - Fish Video 1 (Capital and Risk) handout / vocabulary

Monday - Oct 1. - Journal Prompt, Economics Chapter 1 review


Friday - Sept 27  - Economics Chapter 1 Reading. 

Thursday - Sept 26

Read Setion 1 Government

2 paragraphs due.

Government Reading Question Set 1

Wednesday,  Sept 25th.

Reading: World's oceans and mountains are in big trouble from climate change, UN report says

Tuesday - Sept 23

Climate News Stories 

5 minute speech at U.N. /  Greta Thunberg. / PBS  7 min News Report :  Fiery calls to action at UN climate summit don’t win pledges from worst emitters ; Sorry I ruined your Monday commute, but our planet is on a highway to hell ; Alternate view - Prager U / Climate Change

Objective: Describe actions people have taken to raise awareness of climate change (crisis).  Utilize the news articles to provide evidence of active citizenship in regards to climate change. 

Monday - Sept 22

- Big Idea - Climate Change Protests (example of Active Citizenship) 

Video / News Clips.   Video / News Clips.   (NBC News - NYC Protest , Guardian World ProtestsGreta Thunberg overview

Review Climate Readings (Summarize 2 articles, include at least 1 quote)

Climate Change Assignment Sheet


News Stories:  1)  NYC Student Walkout ; Survey of Teenager Views ; Clossal Failure ; 

In Class: climate change survey 

Citation Sheet 

List of Current Assignments. (to be updated)

Friday - Sept 19 

Readings on Climate Change - see links under Monday Sept 22. 

Thurs - Fiction vs. Non- Fiction; climate change survey


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- Government Pre Quiz - Government Terms Quiz - Practice 1 click here to take it.

- Find 2 Books - 1 Fiction and 1 Non- Fiction - complete - the checklist sheet (double sided) for each book , and work citation sheet , doing only 1 quote !

Did you take these 2 surveys?

1 ) please take the following survey - Life at  PSLA @ Fowler. (active citizenship survey) 

2 ) Assignment - Reflect on the Moment of Silence law - click here 

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