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U.N. Nations Report on Loss of Biodiversity  

   - Read or Listen to Importance of Ecoystem Services,  including Biodiversity and 

     - What is an Ecosystem Services ; The four categories ; Description / Video

Conserving Land - Climate change

Invasive Species. 

Climate Change  

 - Climate Hot Map from the Union of Concerned Scientists

- 85 degrees in the Arctic !

- Carbon Dioxide new high levels  - what does it mean - NBC News

- Central America 

    - Climate change is contributing to the migration of Central American refugees

   - Climate Change Impacts in Latin America (Short story) 

   - Journal Article with Data : Future climate change scenarios in Central America at high spatial resolution

   - Belize Most Vulnerable In Central America To Sea Level Rise (news article) 

  - Journal Future climate change scenarios in Central America at high spatial resolution

Air Pollution


- Climate Friendly Food Source

- Climate Change is altering the food America Grows


   Impact of Chocalate on the Environment - WWF

 - Make Chocalate Fair 

- search - terms link - Chocalate Impact on Environment - negative impacts of growing cocoa


Renewable Energy 

       Electric Cars / 

Meat and Climate Change - Politico Article May 2019

Almond Milk is Taking a Toll on the Environment - UCSF Sustainability

Human Drugs Are Polluting the Water—And Animals Are Swimming in It ; Salmon on psychotropics, platypuses on prozac, and other strange tales from the wild


   - Elephants

Marine Animals

 - Sea Turtles - Story 1,  Story 2- Impact on Coral Reefs ; Value of Sea Turtle /conservancy ; Sea Turtles - Washington Post

Water Issues

Impact of Loss of Glaciers

- Drinking Water Issues

    - Contaminated Water in U.S. CBS news May 7


Air Pollution

- China is having success with pollution

Architecture / Design

Air Conditioning warming the Planet NYTimes ;  Air-Conditioners Cool the Home but Heat the Planet. Can Anyone Invent a Better One? ;  Could Air Conditioning Fix Climate Change? 

Deer Tics.

Invasive Species and Climate Change.

Central America - Climate Change Issues:  article 1, article 2

Chocolate / Impact by Climate Change article  1

Drinking Water  - list of some articles

Foods we may lose to climate change article 1

Insect Die off

Sound in the Ocean - impacts on marine life

Sustainable Fish

Shrimp and other seafood impact by Pollution


Microbeads impact

Maple Syrup

Canadian Maple Syrup - Climate Change - NYTimes. ,  New York Maply Syrup Impact, Onondaga County Maple Syrup; New Owner of Maple Syrup Business

Rising Seas

HABs - toxic algae in drinking waster

Water Pollution - fertilizers, other things...

Route 81 Redesign 

Save the Rain / Onondaga County


Marine Life Issues 

Killer Whales and Decline of Salmon ; Seatle Times - Whales / Salmon; Protecting Salmon save Orcas

The Pebble Mine  impact on salmon 

Melting Glaciers impact on salmon and the ecosystem

The Trash Problem

 - Maine Bans Styrofoam , The Market Place News Report - Stryofoam 


- eWaste in Africa - 

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