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All work is due June 5 !

For the Country Research: 

1.) Culture Grams    and if login / password  needed use : 

           Login: syrsls  Password: syrsls

2) CIA Factbook 

3) Put the data into tables to compare countries - get handout from teacher.

4)  Powerpoint Rubric / Checklist

Click here for:  Eonomics Final Assignments Checklist 

Link to Fish Economics Videos

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Black History Month   /28 Days 28 Films for Black History Month And    Excitement Builds Ahead Of 'Black Panther' Opening

Participation In Government Class - past  due assignments

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Project - Researching 2 countries.

1.) Culture Grams    and if that Link does not work - see link below. 

1) Culture Grams - go to Syracuse City Schools Library Links - then click on Eresources then look for Culture Grams - World Edition    or try this link 

2) CIA Factbook 

Documnets - if not available go to the economic link below.

Economic Class Blog Link-  - Also go to this link to see all assignments due this semester.


=- 2017 Economics...

man on drone  - other choices

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1) Economics Class Blog (blocks 2, 4/5 and 6/7)   

2) ESF Economics - blog (block 1) 


- Complete Country Research - Select two countries - 1 developed , 1 developing.  Each country has to be different from other students. 

- Country 1 -  Form 1 - CIA fact book   then Form 2 Culture Grams

- Country 2 - Form 1 - CIA fact book, then Form 2 Culture Grams

CIA Factbook    / Culture Grams 

Description and map of Developing Countries   and IUGO list of developing countries

Least Developed Countries

Economics  link - >  Economics Blog which includes daily assignments, what happened in class

ESF Economics - blog

Current Events

1) Health Care Bill / Obama Care Repeal and Replace

2) Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

3) Russian Spying and Trumps Tweets

Big Ideas discussed to Date

Economics is about decision making……..we have limited resources and unlimited wants, how do we resolve this problem of scarcity

3 Basic Economic - Questions - help communities and people consider what is their best decisions, possible trade-offs and the opportunity costs.

review of big ideas - here

Economics as if people mattered - !

“I found myself not just a woman wanting to plant trees to provide food and firewood. I found myself a woman fighting for justice, a woman fighting for equity. I started planting trees and found myself in the forefront of fighting for the restoration of democracy in my country.” —Wangari Maathai

Timeline of Wangari’s life    - 

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Welcome to Economics

Economics Videos

How much food can you buy for $5 around the world

Economic Bubbles

How containerization shaped the modern world - Sir Harold Evans

History through the eyes of the potato - Leo Bear-McGuinness

The real origin of the franchise - Sir Harold Evans


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