Marking Period 2


Click here for a list of the videos with questions, and links to videos.

Friday , Jan 18. - Work on Portfolio / Quiz.

Thurs, Jan 17  - Work on Portfolio / Quiz

Weds. Jan 16 - 

Protest Song - Get Up ! Stand Up ! Bob Marley - just lyrics a Person’s visual display put to the song with words

Can Art be political?    Song: “Get Up Stand Up”, Music Video: “This is America” ? – Video 3 :Hidden Meanings behind “This is America” ; What are these two forms of art about? How are they similar / different; What is their political goal? 

Checklist assignments with a clickable list to videos.

Review all other work from Marking Period put into Portfolio Folder

Tuesday, Jan 15th. 

Parkland Video - Summarize Chart; connect to DBQ; essay writing.; Additional Videos - CNN Movement History ; Wikipedia link

Other Protest in the News : Los Angeles Teacher’s Strike 1/14/2019

A Person who was inspired by a Protest and Runs for Congress. 

Monday January 14th 

Parkland Reading Questions /Rubric


Friday - January 11th. 

Black Lives Matter,  President Protes - The Wall - CBS Sunday News Cast

Thursday - January 10th -  

No School - Snow day

Weds - January 9th

President Trump’s Speech / Democratic Response Fact check

Black Lives Matter

Tuesday - Jan. 8th

Video 5  Julia 'Butterfly' Hill: The Modern Day Lorax ; Julia in the Storm ; Julia / Dateline NBC ; Disposability Consciousness ; The Book Lorax, 1972 Movie that follows book. 

- Summarize in a chart - what has been discussed in the the 4 videos todate. 

Monday Jan 7th. 

Discussion on Border Wall/ Government Shutdown

Video 4 - ACT UP & ACT NOW Seize Control Of The FDA  

 Friday January 4 ,

Note Taking  Video Three : Children’s Marh

Thursday January 3

What is dissent? Why do people join protest? 

- Note taking sheets / Video 1 - Why do people protest?   / Video 2  - Mother Jones - Who, Why?

- DIN - Reading on Bail - Societal Problem.

Weds Jan 2

- Current Events and Reading Q and A on Revolutions, Totaltarian Governmet


Friday  - Dec 21   Current Events; Hand in DIN/SSR Sheet; Complete – Why Can’t We end Hate ; Hand in DBQ -  What Types of Citizens Does a Democracy Need – Mini Q (hook & background essay) click for assignment

Thursday – Dec 20, Current Events,  Continued – What Types of Citizens Does a Democracy Need -  proofing Essay ;  Reading – Why Can’t We End Hate ; Graphic Organizer –What’s it All About and Questions – Analyze Article

Wednesday Dec 19   Writing Prompt – What Type Citizen are you? Why type of Citizens are at PSLA @Fowler ;  Continued – What Types of Citizens Does a Democracy Need -  writing essay

Tuesday Dec 18  -Current Events; Continued – What Types of Citizens Does a Democracy Need -  Outlining Ideas

Monday – Dec  17 ; Current Events; Continued – What Types of Citizens Does a Democracy Need -  Page 19 – main ideas

 Dec 14  ; ½ Day - Complete “Desperate Journeys” packet. 

Dec 13   - Sub / complete Upfront Packet – “Desperate Journeys”  click for:

                 Reading / Organizing Ideas / Up Close Multiple Choice / Charts

 Dec 12  -   Continued : What Types of Citizens Does a Democracy Need – Mini Q . Documents A,B & C see below:

Dec 11   What Types of Citizens Does a Democracy Need – Mini Q (hook & background essay) click for assignment

Dec 10th

Library Day - complete letters to elected representatives. 

1) -submit letters online here 

 2) also be sure they printed out. 

3) Here are the templates/ example of letter here

Complete Letter to Congressman. example /template

 Letter Wrting to Mayor - click here dowload template


Dec 3 to Dec 7

Objective - analyzing local issues, taking action - letter writing

Dec 3 - Mon) - Review of George Bush Life, Reading /Text Code Lead Paint Questions

Dec 4 - Tues - Summarizing Local Issue.  STDs in Onondaga County // Questions

Dec 5 - reading from Textbook - click here for questions click here for the chapter reading

Thurs. Dec 6 - Letter Wrting to Mayor - click here dowload template

Nov 26th November 30th

Take Practice Quiz

quiz on Friday !

Click here fo rthe  Assignment List for Week of Nov 26 to Nov 30

Materials needed listed below

Complete Letter to Congressman. example /template

Readings on topics of Climate Change, Immigration, etc.

  1) Why we need more immigrants.  2) How we can help the Caravans

  2) Questions for the readings to text code on Immigrants and Caravans

  3) Position statements on the issues.

Nov 12 - Nov 20

Assisgment List for the Week of Nov 12 to Nov 20

November. 20

November 4

Quiz 2   — take both parts - Part I. and Part II

Oct. 18th

Brain Hacking - CBS / 60 Minutes

Obama - 7 reasons to vote

- Categorizing News stories

October 17

Reviewed another practice quiz

Completed Chapter 7 Questions - click here to download

October 16th 

Click here for the handout 

1)  Are you a liberal? Are you conservative - take the quiz and see.

2) Take a 2nd Political Position quiz and see if the answer changes. This will also tell you which congressperson (s) you line up. Click here. 

3) Then take the Practice Quiz

4) Then find a news story and identify societal category and sources- click here for  handout

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