Country Project

Country Research Project – Directions and check list

Directions:  Use the data collection sheets, the title page is a world map. Select 2 countries. Then on the next sheet you collect data from the “Culture Grams Website.”  Then on the 3rd Sheet, you will use the C.I.A. Factbook to collect that data. On the 4th sheet is the energy comparison sheet. Use the C.I.A. Factbook to the collect that Data. – go to then click on Active Citizenship to get the links to these sites. 

The use the Comparing Country Economic Data sheets, use the data from your countries to compare results in the tables. Find a partner to add 2 more countries. Answer the questions after each table of data. to dowload the instructions click here:  Country Report Checklist Fall 2019

Below is the list of document forms that are needed. 

If you need the data sheets.


 1) Culture Grams Data Sheet (pdf) . (Word Doc) / to fill out this form click here: 1.) Culture Grams Website .    and if login / password  needed use     Login: syrsls  Password: syrsls ;     

2) CIA Factbook Data Sheet  (pdf)   (Word Docto fill out this form click here: CIA Factbook website 

3) Energy Use Data sheet (pdf)  (word doc)  to fill out this form click here: CIA Factbook website 

Click below to get your countries Happiness Score and Ranking

 4).  Happiness Report 2018 - Scroll down to see the list

 4.5 ) Freedom House - How Free is Your Country. 


5) Sharing Country Data (comparing in data tables) click here to get sharing country data sheet

if you need data from 2 0ther countries - use this table of data and pick 2 countries

6) Powerpoint - Country  Powerpoint Checklist Sheet

     Click here to download - Powerpoint Template includes Energy Comparison

     EXAMPLE - click here to see student work from last year

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