Consttution Unit

Global Context:  Nationalism, Constitutional Rights, Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, Social Justice, Civil Action 

Key Vocabulary: Constitution, Bill of Rights, amendment, racism, slavery, nationalism, segregation, class, civic action (other terms determined by teacher and students)

Inquiry (Compelling Question) :  What makes Colin Kaepernick, Betsy Ross and Nike shoes American?

Day 1 : What makes Colin Kaepernick American?    Video Clip ( 2.32 sec)

Key Documents - KHWLAQ Chart

Day 2: Which amendment in the Bill of Rights does the national anthem protests most relate to?

Video 2 High School Football players take a knee 

students  write their thoughts and add any questions they may have on the KWLHAQ Chart from the previous day.

Link to Bill of Rights - pdf 

Day 3 Are the actions of Colin Kaepernick American in accordance with the Constitution of the United States?

SOURCE A (Model Sourcing in Whole Group): Diamond and Silk on FOX News: NFL is standing up for what's right

SOURCE B Model Sourcing in whole group): Arian Foster Says National Anthem Is 'A Racist Song' (HBO)

Note: Model Sourcing in whole group for Source A and then in pairs for Source B using CAPP (BLR) method located in sourcing folder.

Preamble To Constituion

Decleration of Independence

Decleration of Human Rights

Decleration of Indegeounus Human Rights

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