Active Citizenship Fall 2018 to 2019

Marking Period 4

May 20th

The country powerpoint project should be almost complete. You should have your data collected, including 2 additional countries. You  then put the  work into a powerpoint.  Click here to download - Powerpoint Template includes Energy Comparison  EXAMPLE - click here to see student work from last year

If you still need to collect data  - use the links below

1.) Culture Grams    and if login / password  needed use : 

           Login: syrsls  Password: syrsls

2) CIA Factbook 

3) Click below to get your countries Happiness Score and Ranking

       Happiness Report 2018 - Scroll down to see the list

4) Reporting out your data / country report

       Click here to download - Powerpoint Template includes Energy Comparison

     EXAMPLE - click here to see student work from last year

If you need the data sheets.

Country 1    Culture Grams Data  / CIA Factbook Data Sheet ; Energy Use

Country 2.  Culture Grams Data     / CIA Factbook Data Sheet ; Energy Us

MARKING PERIOD 3 - Last Updated Feb 5, 2019 

Unit 1 - What Economics? 

Objective: What is Economics? How is living alone, different from living in a society? What is Wealth? Individual Wants vs. Collective Wants; What is Scarcity? Opportunity Costs? 

Key Assignments

Notes: Basic Economic Theory Part I, Part II, Part III ; Link to Videos Link to all of the Videos re notes

Readings / Questions.  Chapter 1: Section 1 and Section 2

Review Sheets: Review Economics Review Questions - s


Resources: Fish Economics - Links to Videos

     Link to Movie Oliver Twist

   Oliver Twist Questions to Consider:  When Does it take place? Who is Oliver and How do he end up in London? How do various groups view Oliver? What is English /London society like?

Current Events: Route 81 Debate WRVO linktext-code  ; 

February 27th

February 26th

February 25th -  Economics Big Ideas - Note sheet Part II ; Video Clip  (Wealth of Nations; Characteristics of Resources; Opportunity Costs; Future Implications  ; Powerpoint Notes

Febuary 24th - Snow Day 

=== Week by Week Summary 


Febuary 15th - Following Assignments - Should be completed: Section 1 - Scarcity and Factors of Production; Section 2 Opportunity Costs

Thurs Feb 13 - Vocabluary Review ; Assets, Capital, Risk; T.O.D. - What is a Trade Off

- Reading - Section 2 - Opportunity Costs

Tues and Weds Feb 12  - Snow Day / No School

Monday Feb 11

Fish Economics

Review Economics Review Questions - should be completed

 Route 81 Debate WRVO linktext-code  ; 


Friday - Feb 8

Graphic Organizer - Economics

Thursday - Feb 7

Video 2  -  EconResources (4.30 min)   Note taking sheet

Weds - Feb 6

Notes - Venn Diagram / Pres. Trump State of Union vs. Stacey Abrams (Dem. Response) 

Review Assigments to date, work on Questions - Chapter 1; Section 1

Tuesday, Feb 5 

Notes - Venn diagram, 5 Key Vocabulary Terms (Video 1 -Wants  (4.00 min)  Note taking sheet ; Powerpoint for Note taking sheet in PDF form

Questions: How do the people at the Funeral Business/home view Oliver? What economic decision does Oliver make after being punished for the fight? 

Song - Island Style - Lyrics / 

Monday , Feb 4 . - Work on Portfolio / Quiz.

Journal Prompt - What 3 decisions did you make in the last 24 hours? What were two other options to each of the decisions? 

Friday , Feb 1  - 2 hour delay. No class for blocks 1 and 2.  

Thursday - January 31st - Snow Day - no school 

Weds - January 30th Reading Chapter 1 -Section 1 ; Questions

Tues. - January 29. -  Letter to myself - What is Economics

Reminder  - Sign up for Remind for this Active Citizenship  class - get reminders of assignments due, class location, etc. 

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