ESF 122 Fall 2019


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Friday - Review River Diagram and Public Policy Questions

Thursday - Public Policy reading and Question

Wedneday Oct 2

 -   1st) enter a completed Climate Change survey from another person (handed on in class) click on link to record data

- Onondaga Creek Field Trip Survey ;  If you went on the field trip please email photos to (3 photos from each location if possible) 

- If you did not go on the field trip - take this survey 

- Remember to go to Castle Learning for review questions

Tuesday - Land Use Simulation / Public Policy Reading

Monday -  Review of Field Trip, Economics review

Friday Sept 27 - Field Trip

Thursday Sept 27th

Journal Prompt / Review Climate Survey

Review Field Trip - What to Bring, Expectations, be on time 7:50

Review - Economic impacts of Climate Change / Sustainability, Factors of Production, Flow Diagram, 3 Basic Economic Questions 

Wednesday Sept 26th

Review Climate Change Report; Summarize the Report including - Economic impacts of Climate Change / Sustainability, Factors of Production, Flow Diagram, 3 Basic Economic Questions 

Reading: World's oceans and mountains are in big trouble from climate change, UN report says

Tuesday - Sept 23

Climate News Stories 

5 minute speech at U.N. /  Greta Thunberg. / PBS  7 min News Report :  Fiery calls to action at UN climate summit don’t win pledges from worst emitters ; Sorry I ruined your Monday commute, but our planet is on a highway to hell ; Alternate view - Prager U / Climate Change

Objective: Describe actions people have taken to raise awareness of climate change (crisis).  Utilize the news articles to provide evidence of active citizenship in regards to climate change. 

Review proper citations and footnotes

Outline for Dismal Science

Professor Charles Hall give a presentation on BPE and EROI or

 Encyclopedia of Earth description of the discipline found


Monday Sept 22. 

Climete Strike -  Video / News Clips.   (NBC News - NYC Protest , Guardian World ProtestsGreta Thunberg overview

Review Climate Readings (Summarize 3 articles, include at least 1 quote from each, include internal citations )

ESF Climate Change Assignment List

Assignment - create Bibliography / Reference page.  APA Citation Guide


News Stories:  1)  NYC Student Walkout ; Survey of Teenager Views ; Clossal Failure ; 

In Class: climate change survey 

Citation Sheet 

List of Current Assignments. (to be updated)

Weds Sept 18th 

Government Terms Quiz - Practice 1 click here to take it.

Sign up for ESF class. 

Did you take the Active Citizenship quiz ? 

Castle Learning

Sign out book 

Tuesday Sept 17th-


What are some basic rights noted in Decleration of Indepedence and Preamble to Constitution?

What are some basic needs vs wants. 

 Review Flow Diagram

Qoutes / Citations from Reading

Monday - September 1 

Fish Video 

 Course Syllabus

- Reading - Active Citizenship 1 -Government , Reading Active Citizenship 2  - Economics

 - Reading the Dismal Science 1 and the Questions regarding the Dismal Science

- Reading 4 - The Need to Reintegrate the Natural Science with Economics  / Questions with Reading

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