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Wed, Thurs (classroom) , Friday - Library - research time. 

Research Paper is due January 23 at 1159 pm. 

Documents to have completed

1) submit reference page for review (alphabetized and links should be included)

2) 8 - note sheets / link to the  Note Taking / Citation/ Quote Sheet  of a research topic news or journal  article. Research paper needs at least 8 sources of information

3)  One of the following:  Research Data sheet  - Data Collection Possiblities  (Required)    Research -  - Research Data Sheet - and - Data Table  (Identify two types of data, conduct web search for documents on the data). Data should be over time , be a table or graph

4) Odum Energy Systems - to create a systems diagram (example systems to borrow from  - ecosystem , country ex 1, country/nation ex 2

5)  To assist in writing follow the rubric: - click here for current rubric

6) - List of hours-  Time Spent - Research, and Writing

Research Project

Templates to Use for Research

The rubric / scoring of the Research Paper will be updated to include an abstract and systems documents , and types of articles to be included (at least 1 journal article, 2 articles with data sources)  - click here for current rubric

--  ConnectReasearch Topic to Ecosystem Services reading and other class readings.

 -   Student Projects 2019 with suggested links  

- List of Student Projects with data possibilities

Past Due

--  Note Taking / Citation/ Quote Sheet on one of three articles on Climate Change and summary of each article and the summaries of all three articles.  

Does GDP Tell the Right Story? (12/6)

- Country Powerpoint (12/6)

- Odum Reading Summary Part II / with Country System Diagram (12/6) 

Student Research Topics 

   - List of Possible Topics

  -  Research Data Websites

 - For all Sources (8 required) use  Note Taking / Citation/ Quote Sheet 

 - Research Paper Rubric

Dec 4 

Ecosystem Services - notes

November 22- Country Project

     Click here to download - Powerpoint Template includes Energy Comparison

     EXAMPLE - click here to see student work from last year

- click here to go to details for country project


Happiness Score 

- Freedomhouse - What political rights do people have? 

 1.) Culture Grams Website .    and if login / password  needed use     Login: syrsls  Password: syrsls

2) CIA Factbook Data Sheet   to fill out this form click here: CIA Factbook website 

Nov 4 - Mid Term - Thursday Nov 7

- go to castle learning for practice questions (go to library links under SCSD)

- Also notes on reading (powerpoint / pdf)

Oct 22, Tuesday : Demand notes /Powerpoint

Review of Assignments / readings

 - Future Implications of Current Choices ; from Basic Econ Theory notes.

Monday - Oct 21 - Code of Conduct ; review

Hong Kong Protests - Update.

Notes - complete

Friday - Review Quizes.

Thursday - What is GDP? Problem with Resources? Economic Problem? 

Powerpoint Notes on Youtube. (PDF Version) 

Weds - PSATs / Sats

Tuesday Oct 14

Submit Research Topic

Homework - Reading - Countries / GDP (maybe)

Basic Economic Theory - Video Clip Links

Basic Economic Theory Note Page 

Powerpoint Notes on Youtube. (PDF Version) 


Friday Oct 11th


Submit Research Topic

Homework - Reading - Countries Chapter 18 / GDP (maybe)

Thurs. - Oct 10th

1) Sign up for the ESF Class - College Credits ; Be sure you are committed. You have until Oct 15th to dedice. click here

2) Review  Questions for Quiz Practice Set 1 ; Know the Economic Flow Model and Biophysical Model ; PDF of Flow Models Review quiz 1 Review quiz 2, ; also questions on Castle Learning Review ,

3) Research - Find two articles on the same topics. Summarize. See 

    - List of Potential Research Topics

   -  Instructions and Questions to Answer: Word Document -

4) Review how to go school tools. - see “stuff links” 

5) List of Readings should be in folder

6) Register to Vote 

Weds - library - Panoram Survey


Monday Oct Oct -  Reading Betting on the Planet Questions on Betting on the Planet

- Big Idea - How does Betting on the Planet connect to Climate Change/Crisis? What was the big issue in Betting on the Planet? When was Betting on the Planet written? Review Climate Change Survey


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