Forces of History

Forces of History

- The following forces help to cause historical events to happen.  These forces are constantly at work in the present shaping future events. To understand current events, we need to look

at past events through the lens of the forces of history.

1) Economics

-  Every   person or  community of people  have needs and wants

-  To receive what you need/want -   Have Money, or Work (Labor) 

         -   Means of Exchange - Barter or Money

-  Factors of Producing Goods (Labor, Owner, Natural Resources, Technology)

2) Geography / Earth

- Places on earth have different landforms and natural resources

         -  Use MR HELP  (Elements of Geography) 

3) Politics / Government

- Who makes the decisions for a community

-  How is the power of decision making organized? (Dictatorship or Democracy)

          - Types of Government - (Monarchy / Theocracy, Military Dictatorship, Communism, Democracy)


4) Social Structure 

- How is the community or society of people organized

- Do some people have higher social standing than others? (Hierarchy)

- Are there different economic levels? Do some jobs get paid more than others?

- Is there social mobility? How can a person be socially mobile?

5) Foreign Affairs

- How do communities/ groups of people interact with other communities different from theirs (Foreigners)

-  Communities can be isolationist - limiting contact with others. (classic example - China)

-  Communities can conduct trade, exchanging goods and ideas

         - Communities in order to meet their needs and wants, - fight, and conquer other communities, 

6) Culture

- What are the values /traditions, customs of a community

         -  ethnocentric  (superior to other groups) or accepting of other  communities

- Beliefs 

- Religion (Animism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Shintoism, etc)

7) Character / Biography

          - What characters have acted in forceful ways to impact historical events.  For example - Where they inventors, explorers, political leaders, religious leaders

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