Black History Month Project

Objective: Discover and Evaulate the impact of current African-American Political Leaders in the United States through the lens of Federalism. 

Step 1 - Project Select any political or news leader from the list below, the using the biography found on the linked website - complete the following - Infographic /Political Leader Powerpoint /  - print it out. Also for extra credit - email it to

Step 2 - Then do a news search on that person, find the person and a law they helped pass or a proposed bill they are advocating.  News Item click here for news template

Step 3 - Working in a group - create a poster / infographic on Federalism/African-American  Political Leaders with at least 1 political leader from each level of government (National, State, Local) from  the list below. Use other classmates printed power points for your poster/info graphic. Also include 1 news item (from step 2), reflecting on the importance of journalism to a vibrabrant democatic country. 

Additional Reading to consider after completion of infographic: 

OPNION EDITORIAL - What Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. might think of America today ; Does this editorial reflect a conservative, moderate or liberal view? 

Review the following list - choose 1 Political Leader or Journalist. Are there political leaders that should be on the following list? 

U.S. Senators

Tim Scott - South Carolina

Kamela Harris California / Presidential Candidate

Corey Booker 


John Lewis  - Congressman

Maxine Waters Congresswoman 

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley

Ilhan Oma Congresswoman ; Biography 

State Government

Stacey Abrams - Georgia Legislator / Govenor Candidate - Future President? ; Democratic Response to State of Union

New York Government

Andrea Stewart-Cousins - leader NYS Senate

Carl E. Heastie -  Leader of the New York State Assembly

Helen Hudson - City Council President  - News Story - After two quiet years on the Syracuse city council, Helen Hudson steps up to lead ; News Story:  Helen Hudson Makes History as the First Woman African-American President of the Syracuse Common Council

Khalid Bey - Syracuse Common Councilor

Pamela Hunter - Assembly Member 

Chol Majok - Syracuse Common Councilor - District 3 - As a child he walked to freedom; then a Lost Boy walked to victory in Syracus


 Gwen Gwen Ifill remembered with postage stamp at Metropolitan AME church ; Biograhy 

Ta-Nehisi Coates - Journalist / Author 

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