Country GDPs

Block 1

S. A.  Morroco and Russia

I. A. Mongolia and Sweden

D.B. Oman and Hungry

I.B.  Denmark and Ethiopia 

C. C  Egypt and France ****

B.D. Finland and Columbia 

R.D. Poland and Venezuela ****

H.F. Switzerland and Brazil ****

C.F.  Peru and New Zealand 

E. G. Cuba and Bahamas ***

J.G.  Canada and India. ***

M.K. Australia and Iraq..

S.K.   Spain and Kuwait

S.M. South Korea and Yemen

S.M. Afganistan and Italy

M.M. Myanmar and Norway  ***

H.M. Iceland and Argentian ountries


P.N. Great Britain and Tanzania

H.O.  Kenya and Saudi Arabia


S. S. Mexico and Maldives. ***

R.S.  …….Madascar ..



A.Y  - Taiwan and Honduras ****

Block 3

S.B  Ethopia and Mexico

L.C.  Phillipines and Japan

K.C. North Korea and Ireland

J.C.   Guatemala and Lebanon (100)

C.E.  Fiji and Jamicia


S.K. Angola and France

J.M.  Germany and Lichtenstein



L.R.  Jamicia and Congo

Z.T.   China and Italy GDP.  and Current Events

K.W. South Africa and Australia

A.W. Honduras and United Kingdom

C.W    U.K.  and Honduras Current Events

K.W. Canada and Domincan Republic

M.Y. Spain and Thailand

Block 4/5

A.A.  T.T. and Morocco   ****

J. B.  Singapore and Poland  **** Current Events

R.B. - Bahamas and Egypt   *** / - current events

N.B. - Barbados and Dominica

J.C.   Japan and Brazil

E.C.  Mexico and Romania

A.C.  Greece and Spain

E.F.   Guyanna and Iceland

H.F.  Sweden and Iraq 

A.G.   Australia and Costa Rica GDP ****  and Current Events

C. G.  China and Jamaica. ****   / Current Events

A. J.   Germany and Iran  ***    - current events

J. M. Nambia and Denmark.

N.M…Thailand and New Zealand .

N. M.  El Salvador and Sierre Leonne 

Z. M. Israel and Albania

K.O.  Columbia and Georgia

I. O. Canada and Ethopia

T. P.  South Korea and Russia

D. R. Kosovo and Morocco

A.S. Kenya and the Netherlands

K.S. ….

T.S.  North Korea and South Africa

B.T. Switzerland and India


Block 7 and 9

S.A  Australia and Norway

A. C.  Brazil and North Korea

M. D.  Thailand and South Africa

L. F.  Portugal and North Korea

N. J.  Peru and Taiwan

M. R.    Cuba and Ireland

J. H.   Japan and Vietnam

J.K.  Trinadad & Tobago and Mexico

C. M.  Canada and Venzuala

J. M  Turkey and Kenya

U. M.  Nepal and Morroco 

R. V.  Sweden and Afganistan

Z.T.   Haiti and China

—— 9

R.M. England and Uganda

L. M. Country 1 and 2

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