Citizenship or Tribes or  Country

1.  April 13 Assigment list and needed documents 

 2. What type of Citizen Does a Democracy Need - Mini Q (PDF) 

A.   Be sure to complete in the Mini Q the following:

1.     Hook Exercise (you don’t have to do them with a partner

2.     Answer the Background Essay Questions – and the questions below in part B.

3.     Documents A, B and C

4.     Outline

5.     Essay (Not Required / Extra Credit)

B.    Highlight the answers to these questions in the background essay in the Mini-Q.

1.     What are good communities made up of?

2.     What is a personally responsible citizen? Highlight an example?

3.     What is a participatory citizen?  example?

4.      What is a justice-oriented citizen? Example?

5.     If there is not a participatory citizen?

6.     If there is not a justice-oriented citizen? 


    3.   Reflection on the Marking Period 3



   4.  Reflection on the April 13 -17 – Assignments (Being an Adult / Being a Citizen)

               On a piece of paper write a paragraph on one of the following 3 topics. (5-10 sentences)


1.    When is someone no longer a teenager but an adult? What are the attributes (adjectives) for teenager? What are the attributes for an adult? Compare and Contrast a Responsible Adult vs an Irresponsible Adult.


2.    Are there steps to becoming an adult? Is getting a High School Diploma an important step to becoming an adult?


a.    Do you need a diploma to be a responsible adult? What does it mean when someone earns a High School Diploma?

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