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List of Documentsа

1. Reading - аWho Should Rule ? The Many?

2. New York State Bail Laws and Controversy.

3. Fact Checking New York State Bail Laws.

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Monday April 23th - Marking Period 4

4th Marking Period is starting. We will be working throughа“Canvas”. - The First assignment for Canvas is ready its says Monday but not due to Weds - click here to logon to Canvas, Through Library Links, then Clever then Canvas

If you want to get ahead start here is a reading assignment

1. ) Before you read answer these questions in theа“Anticipation Guide"


end of 3rd Marking Period

Thursday April 9

2 New Extra Credit Assignments: Please go to library links -> clever and click on NewsElAа

1) Sanders ends his presidential bid

2)аHuman connection bolsters immune system; that's why it's important to be kind

Please note grades are still being updated. Work can be turned in until April 10th. The online work can be completed by Next Tuesday - April 14th., and still be added to the grade

Monday , April 6

Grades are being updated in SchoolTool. аYou have until Friday April 10th to complete assignments. As soon grades are completely updated - a note will be posted here, in email and remind.а

Friday , April 3

Its Friday - end of the week, hard to tell though right ?а

I posted two new assigments today through Newsela. Choose one of them. Or do both your choice

You will probably have to sign in through Clever to use them, if the links below don’t work use the Library Links page :

1)аCoronavirus closes South Korea schoolsа- learn how students were impacted by the closing.а

2)аSports star - Stephen Curry interviews virus expert - аwhat might been reason why this Pro Basketball Star. did an online interview with Dr.аFauciа

and something Funny to watch….What Day Is It? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Also keep in mind, if you did most of the classwork during Febuary and March (before the shutdown), you don’t have to do all the assignments. They are considered extra-credit. They will replace missing assignments, or incomplete classwork.а

Thursday April 2

No assignments for today, catch up on work day. аBut two important items that will could become assignments in the future:а

1) Should we be wearing masks: аThe Mask Debate; Preventing More New York-Sized Clusters

2) Why the Census Matters and how it connects to the VirusCOVID-19 Update: County, City Officials Push For Census Completion For Better Resources

а а- fill out the Census here :а

and what are you doing with your time - stuck at home - check out what these Spaniards have been up to.аThey Were Roommates: Meet The Band Writing Songs From Its Quarantined Apartment

Weds, April 1

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Tuesday - March 31st

Two new assignments will be posted today. It will be choice between these two readings. The questions will posted later

1)Read or Listen to this news story: аAmazon, Instacart Grocery Delivery Workers Demand Coronavirus Protection And Payаand then go here to answer the online questions


2)ааCybersecurity Lawyer Who Flagged The WHO Hack Warns Of 'Massive' Remote Work Risks


Monday - March 30th.а

A new type of assignment - Newsela - click here for story about Stigma and the Virus - questions are included with the assignmentа(#10)а

Friday - March 27th

no new assignments assignments - catch upа

Thursday March 26thа

A very short assignment - a four question survey about online tools and 2 questions about current events (CNN10, news clip) click here to take it.аа(also let me know if you see any mistakes, its been busy day. Scores and Grades аwill be updated soon, hopefully tomorrow orаSaturday

Wednesday March 25th а- Assignments for Today

Keep up the great work and effort in this challenging time, so many of you are getting online doing thses assigments !! аAlso thank you to everyone, who texts or emails me about errors/ mistakes in the online questions / documents. This has been challenge to convert some assigments online. So thank you for patience with my errors.а

аAssignment: Documents B and C аfor the DBQ How Should the US Reduce Economic Inequality?

Tuesday March 24th а- Assignments for Today

Only 1 assignemnt today - I am trying to keep these short and doable and hopefully interesting)

1) Class Participation Assignment: аCurrent Events аOnly 9 Questions with Documents (Videos and Images )аа

list of Assignments for the past 5 days - go here

Do the FiveаHelp stop coronavirus

Monday, March 23 -а

1) Class Participation Assignment - Online - Review of Political Cartoons for Week of March 22 (5 cartoons) - click hereа

2) Class work - Do it online here аInequality DBQ assignment Part II. (click here)а

Song today: а“аRise up this mornin’, Smile with the risin’аsun, Three little birds, Pitch by my doorstep, Singin' sweet songs, Of melodies pure and true” аfrom Three Little Birds”а(feat. The Wailers)

list of Assignments for the past 5 days - go here

Do the FiveаHelp stop coronavirus

April 3 end of Marking Period

Click here for instructions to get Text or Remind messages for the class.а

Friday - March 20th

1) Today’s - class participation assignment / Income Inequality DBQ Part 1а

а а а - online version - submit answers online

Later today - Current Events - Political Cartoon Review / Extra Credit

Thursday March 19th а

1) Reading- click here for text:ааMedieval or Modern Strategy for Virus

а а а а а а а а а а а а аclick here for Questions : Q and A on Medieval or Modern

- or а-ааdo the Online Reading / and Answers - click here

2) Current Events Review - Video Clips with Questionsа

class blog clickаhere - you can post coments there -

аComing Soon -

3) Results from Surveyа

3) Grading / hope to update by Friday.а

March 18 а- Please go to the class blog pageа

1st onlline assignment - Survey about Class Communication and Cronovirus

As of Thursday, March 19thа 7:30 amа 25 responses (as of March 23 ( 53 responses) аhave been received on 1st assignment. I will be posting the results during the day on Thursday.

True or False regarding Corona Virus - Myths vs. Facts

class blog clickаhere fire


Monday March 16th - а

DIN: Reading: Why Local Government Voting Matters and Q and A sheet

Infographic - on staying safe/protecting from virus transmission - shared by someone in Singapore on Instagram

Review the Biden Sander Debate (Sun Night)

Info graphic on Local Governemnt Leaders / NYS / Black Historyа

Readings to Discuss

Flatten the Curve - Washington Post.аа/ Going Medieval to Prevent Crisis.а

What are Pandemics - TED-Ed

Interest Group for Refugees - Give to UNCHRа; UNCR website

or to the home page of the class blog click here

Friday - March 13th

1) Review Current Events: Syria - Refugee Crisis, Stock Market, Federalism /аcoronavirusа

2) Create and Infographic and outline letter to political official regarding Syria (taking a position / active citizen)

If you missed this class а- click here to record why you should not get “0” for this day’s class participation grade.а.

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