Active Citizenship, ESF Econ, and Public Policy

Active Citizenship - please click here for current assignments

Credit Recovery - Boot Camp - February 18, 19 

Important Dates:

2/ 3 -2/14 Door Decorating Contest

2/14 Valentine’s Day Bake Sale  during the School Day and Black History Celebration Day Periods 9 and 10

2/25 Black History - Live Museum

2/26 Black History event - House Party Pajama Jam Dance and Family Move Night

2/ 27th - Stakeholders Meeting re Graduation:   The meeting is on  here at PSLA at 5 p.m., and concerns how graduation will be assessed and determined in the coming years- the stronger our presence at this meeting the better!  This is civic involvement at its best! 

2/28 Black History Media Panel

- Senior Trip - June 2019

- Senior Breakfast - TBD at School

- Senior Prom - TBD

- Graduation - TBD


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Political Cartoons (from the Week). 

Cartoons for 10/17

1) please take the following survey - Life at  PSLA @ Fowler

2) Then - browse the library books - and sign out 1 non-fiction book and 1 fiction book. Record the book on the citation sheet. 

(ESF Econ students - please choose one article from this list (with a partner) . 

Song of the Week -  Video Clip 1

Kidjo based the lyrics on a Yoruba (a group of West African people) proverb: "A bird that is burned today will not die unless the faith of the bird ceases.”

Big Idea of the Week -  Why might an active good citizen need a moral compass? how does one acquire a moral compass?  How does the Preamble to the Constituion and Decleration of Independence layout a moral compass for the United States?

Thursday Sept 12  2019

1 ) Assignment - Reflect on the Moment of Silence law - click here

1st Days - Thursday Sept 5 and Friday Sept 6

1) What is Active Citizenship

2) Review Syllabus  - Evidence vs. Plagerism , Good Government , Good Citizen vs. Bad Ctizen.

3) Review Rules

4) Review Procedures

5) Build Community / Solidarity

6) Where are you going? How will you get there? Will you have many rivers / obstacles to cross?  - Video Example 

Aug 2 

- PD - Exploring Haudenosaunee and scientific perspectives

June 9, 2019

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