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June 9, 2019

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Marking Period 4  

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Active Citizenship classes - click here (block 1,2, 4/5) 

SUPA PAF101 - Students click here

ESF Economics - Click here.  (last update Feb 10, 4:30 pm) 

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 Trusted Printed News Sources NPR news  AP NEWS  Reuter News Fox News / NYTimes  Washinton Post     / Aljazeera /USA Today

Video Based Sources:  /   CNN News    / CNN Student News /CBS Evening News

Puerto Rico Tweet / vote announcement 

Other News. 

- interesting pundit/ opinion piece of the week:  Diversity and the Media

- Juniors become part of the Youth Advisory Council - City of Syracuse  / application pdf  /word

Voting / Elections   

2) Links to who is running, campaign website and ads.

3) Voting - What are some issues concerning NYS Voters - video

College Links recommended by Guidance

 Big Future College Board

SUPA PAF101 - Students click here

Monday - Oct 1

Monday Oct 1- Oct 5

1) Ms. Bergamo is here on Monday (Blocks 1 and 2), Weds, Blocks 3 and 4/5) to discuss colleges

2) Click here for a list of assignments - will be updated as week goes on. 

Monday Sept 24th-  Friday Sept 28th

1) Should Voting be Mandatory DBQ - Background Essay - should include text citation sheet with 4 key quotes.

2) Government Reading - Foundations of Government 1.3

3) Who has Power in Your Life. 

Last Weeks Assignments

1)  Impact of technology on community was due  on Sept 21. 

2) Ms. Bergamo is visiting class this week to review Senior Certification then next week Naviance - how to apply to college. 

SUPA PAF101 - Students click here

1) SUPA assignments listed on SUPA - PAF 101

Monday Sept 17

Constitution Day?

If you did not complete the survey Life in Fowler :  click here to take the Life at Fowler and News Sources, Survey

Sign up for Active Citizenship Reminders - thru remind


1) Reading / and Questions - Chapt 1 -Textbook

2) Evidence Sheet

3) Review rubric 

- Bonus Assignments. :   1)  Iphone Monster?  ,  2) Why we can’t look away from our screens.

Sept 14

Review Checklist / Rubric for Completing Impact of Technology

Sept 13

- DIN - SSR Sheet - find news headline include source record on SSR /TOD sheet

- Checklist/ Rubric for completing Impact of Technology on a Community. 

 Completing the Bibliography and Summary of Two Articles

- Discuss the Results of the Survey -  IF you did not do the Survey : click here to take the Life at Fowler and News SourcesSurvey

Sept 12 

DIN : Complete the following survey  - Life at Fowler and News Sources

How tos for Work Cited Page

5 min How to Create Work Cited You tube video

How to use the Bibliography Function in MS Word 

If links are not working or information is missing - click here for alternate website 

Assignments Sept 10 to Sept 14

Active Citizenship

1) Review Syllabus - text code and sign

2) Project 1 - Technology impact on Community. What are the positives and negatives

   - reading  1 - Leave the Laptops in the Classroom / citation sheet (Sept 7) 

   - reading 2 - Introduction to “Tribe”  (Sept 10)    

   - evidence sheet - use for Laptops in the Classroom.  (Sept 11) 

  - Compare Laptops vs. Intro - how they similar/ different. Why does one need evidence for its claims and other doesn’t  (Discussion)

 -  Short Summary comparison with endnotes (work cited page)  Rubric. 

3) Library assignment - sign out any non-fiction book - but must have citations. / end notes (bibliography)

4) Google Survey….(CT Program, College? …Media Use, Ranking of issues, types of comments...


Public Policy - same as above this week

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